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    Suzanne's Woodworking collaborations

    We've teamed up with Suzanne's Woodworking to bring you some cool patterns and projects for your CNC machine. Either get the full multiple model project from Suzanne Etsy page or simply get the PLA3D pattern available on the PLA3D Etsy shop.

    Our first collaboration includes the Majestic Sun and the Fairy Door. Some great models for summer, pick these designs up today and add a touch of creativity in your backyard!


    Han Solo replica on display during the 2015 Las Vegas AWSF Fair this week

    If you plan to attend the AWFS FAir 2015 in Las Vegas this week make sure to check out this Han Solo carving we designed for General CNC. They carved it on their machine and airbrushed the finished piece. 


    New addition to our Etsy shop: Saint Michael Archangel

    Just added the Saint Michael Archangel relief model to our Etsy page. For just $25 you get all 3 formats (reg, chisel and dish) in the usual formats (STL, RLF, BMP) for your convenience.  

    ~Happy Carving!



    New addition to our Etsy shop

    Just added this happy sun relief model to my Etsy shop, just $10! A great addition to your CNC carving library, why not carve one out this weekend for the summer cottage or accent on your house walls. Enjoy the sun everyone!



    Star Wars' Han Solo panel reproduction demo for General CNC IWF conference booth.

    Working on a fun little project for my pals at General CNC. This Iconic frozen Han Solo panel reproduction from Star Wars will be carved on their CNC machines and showcased as a demo piece during the IWF Vegas convention center conference in July ( ) Stay tuned to see how it carves out and make sure to check out the General CNC booth if you happen to be in Vegas for the show!