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    That's my boy! Custom sonogram pendants



    I am in the process of developing custom sonogram pendants, designed straight from your own unique sonogram images and turned into 3D printed silver or steel pendants with your customized message on the back. If anyone is interested or have any questions feel free to CONTACT ME




    Latest CNCminiProjects available for CNC carving

    Check out the latest 2 mini-projects from;



    CNCminiProjects - Sneak Peek at upcoming mini-project

    Here's a sneak peek for all you #WeekendCNCWarriors out there, upcoming mini-project. Stay tuned.




    Perpetual Sorrow - Custom relief model replica

    Another satisfied customer submitted this carving results photo of our Perpetual Sorrow replica relief model into aluminum (or aluminium depending where you live). A flawless transition between our CAD model and their final carving! Kudos to the folks at Trigard  for bringing our model to life with such amazing craftsmanship. If you would like to own and carve this model on your CNC machine it is now available through VC3D to all its subscribers!


    Super Bowl fever is in the air!!

    I'm not a big Football fan but I can appreciate the excitement fans get this time of the year. It's the big game, almost a religious experience for some. A time to gather with friends and family and watch the game while stuffing our faces with yumminess and washing it all down with beer! The scale of this event is so large that we just can't help but be involved one way or another. 

    Here is a job we did last year for one of our clients in Denver who naturally is a big supporter of his home team, the Broncos. Dale Dahley just sent us his CNC carving results this week using the bas relief model we made for him almost a year ago. Who knew Dale would be able to predict this year's Super Bowl team, guess the power of suggestion was strong with this one. 

    On another Football note, don't forget to swing by where my CmP partner Todd Bailey put together a great Football themed mini-project for all you CNC woodworkers and crafts people out there. The Pick-Up League - Football mini-project comes with 6 football models to help you carve up your own unique custom signs or plaques for the big game, all for just $25, what a deal! Grab yours today and wait to see who the big winner is to add a custom v-carving of that team's name on the jersey model. A best seller to any true football fans out there!!

    Happy carving folks and enjoy the tailgating parties!