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    PLA3D Newsletter - A New Year


    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Almost Valentine's day! Check out my new Heart Nouveau pieces now available at PLA3D's Corner.  Take advantage of this sale and stock up on some other CNC patterns while you're there;



    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to us! We made it another year! Happy New Year everyone..

    I'm so eager and excited to fullfill the endless potential in 2015. Coming up first is another Silent Art Auction charity hosted and organized by local restaurant Isaac's Way.  I took the opportunity to produce my Alien Zoo art relief which I originally sketched and then modeled in ArtCAM for ToolsToday back in October this year. My friends at Lithophane Custom Made helped me carve it on their CNC router machine and this time we're experimenting with insulation foam material! I'll be painting and finishing this bad boy in the next couple weeks so stay tunned as I transform this into my first piece of artwork for 2015!


    Happy Holidays from PLA3D!!



    I would like to take a final 2014 moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone reading this now. I'm thankful to have attracted you into my life journey one way or another this year and our experiences has helped me grow as a individual and as a professional artist. All the feedback and sharing your work has really helped me more then you can imagine as I hope my services has helped you succeed with your projects.

    I wish you all a peaceful and happy holiday season, let's raise our spirits and welcome 2015 with open arms. I, for one, look forward to the potential projects we can all manifest for ourselves in the new year. Let's make them happen.

    Season's greetings gang, we made it.
    See you next year...



    PLA3D's Corner - New models added!

    Here is the first of many regular updates from PLA3D's Corner. Each month will have a new featured model  added to our 3D clipart library. I welcome you to browse this small but quality collection of models and let me know what models you'd like to see up there next or send us your carving results for others to be inspired!  You never know what model will show up next to save you $$$ on your next big project! 

    New to PLA3D's Corner this month is this adorable image representing love and commitment, a great addition to your 3D clipart library. Be prepared when the time comes for your client to commemorate their bond with a loved one down the road with this detailed Couple 1 model.

    As a second bonus addition this month to PLA3D's Corner, I've added another lighthouse model to my collection making it the second of its kind. The Lighthouse 2 model was inspired by one of lake Erie's oldest standing lighthouses today, the Barcelona  (Portland Harbor) Light. Fun Fact: It was the first lighthouse in the world to be powered by natural gas. Get this detailed lighthouse scene and carve yourself a piece of American history today!

    Happy carving folks,
    and happy holidays to all!!!