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    New art relief carving donation piece for Isaac's Way 25th art auction

    Here is our latest contribution for the upcoming Isaac's way 25th art Auction. Using our textured Smoke Rings relief model we carved this nice symetrical frame shape design.

    Using our General iCarver and a 1/32" bit it took us 9hours to carve out this 18" x 14" relief art. Once carved and sanded a stain was applied to this laminated pine board. I used oil pastel to make my relief design pop.


    This piece will go on auction soon and will help raise funds for local children's arts programs. If yo'ure in the area of Isaac's Way in the upcoming few months drop in and check out the art and place a bid for this great cause.




    New Halloween patterns for your custom CNC projects

    hi Folks, PLA3D's got some fun new Halloween patterns for your next custom CNC carving projects. This new collaboration with Suzanne's Woodworking generated quite an offering to help you create your own DIY Halloween CNC Projects. You can find all 4 individual PLA3D relief model files on the Etsy shop.


    To get a bigger bang for your buck, Suzanne's Woodworking's Etsy shop is offering a special bundle deal, the DIY Halloween Project! Along with my 3 models  you get a variety of vectors and other models to give you more then enough elements to create your own custom Halloween signs.


    Here are my results using the General iCarver CNC machine, I scaled the models down to fit a 5"softwood board and added some Z relief depth to make the details pop! I simply finished them using a dark stain, oil pastels and finally clear coat for the 3 model carving. I also created my own custom sign using 2 of the 3 models and only applied stain giving it a nice spooky folk look to this small 5 x 7 sign. I really enjoyed the design/carving process and I hope you do too!

    *****Please post your results on our new Facebook Page, we look forward to see what sort of inspiration you're willing to share with the CNC community, like our page while you're there!!*****



    PLA3D turns 3 years old! 

    PLA3D has just completed 3 years of custom design for the CNC carving industry and to celebrate this milestone I have acquired a General CNC iCarver machine stepping into the maker circle once and for all with our first CNC machine . Stay tuned, things are about to get "real" at PLA3D....

    First time getting new breaker power to the machine.


    Steve Stevenson and myself in front of an iCarver at the General headquarters in Montreal.
    Stever Personally delivered my machine from Ontario to Montreal where I met him for the pickup from NB. A good 16 hours of driving each, it was an epic 2 day journey.

    My first project was a couple custom Transformer beer tap handles. Many more to come and more business to be had with Mr. Stevenson so stay tuned to see where our 4th year brings us.....

    Happy Carving folks!



    Suzanne's Woodworking collaborations

    We've teamed up with Suzanne's Woodworking to bring you some cool patterns and projects for your CNC machine. Either get the full multiple model project from Suzanne Etsy page or simply get the PLA3D pattern available on the PLA3D Etsy shop.

    Our first collaboration includes the Majestic Sun and the Fairy Door. Some great models for summer, pick these designs up today and add a touch of creativity in your backyard!


    Han Solo replica on display during the 2015 Las Vegas AWSF Fair this week

    If you plan to attend the AWFS FAir 2015 in Las Vegas this week make sure to check out this Han Solo carving we designed for General CNC. They carved it on their machine and airbrushed the finished piece.