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    New PLA3D Newsletter Vol.11 - Winter inspiration


    New ToolsToday video features custom PLA3D relief model

    Have you seen the latest ToolsToday YouTube video? It features a custom bas relief model we created for them designed specifically for these new CNC tool bits. These bits are capable of carving this detailed design straight onto the brass coin. Final results worked out great!

    Good work on the new video guys, very informative narrator and I enjoyed being a part of another TT video, thanks !!!



    PLA3D Newsletter - A New Year


    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Almost Valentine's day! Check out my new Heart Nouveau pieces now available at PLA3D's Corner.  Take advantage of this sale and stock up on some other CNC patterns while you're there;



    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to us! We made it another year! Happy New Year everyone..

    I'm so eager and excited to fullfill the endless potential in 2015. Coming up first is another Silent Art Auction charity hosted and organized by local restaurant Isaac's Way.  I took the opportunity to produce my Alien Zoo art relief which I originally sketched and then modeled in ArtCAM for ToolsToday back in October this year. My friends at Lithophane Custom Made helped me carve it on their CNC router machine and this time we're experimenting with insulation foam material! I'll be painting and finishing this bad boy in the next couple weeks so stay tunned as I transform this into my first piece of artwork for 2015!