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    Alien Zoo model carved by ToolsToday

    Watch the latest ToolsToday youtube video carve our Alien Zoo model. Great finishing work and informative machine bit information as always, thanks ToolsToday for including us in another great project!!


    Introducing our new textured tiles packs available now on Etsy

    By popular demand PLA3D introduces new texture tile models which can be used as a standard texture fill or as stand long textured art panels for a variety of needs spanning from furniture to jewelry. Check out these 10 packs CNC models files and get ready to start pumping creativity out your CNC machine!  As an added bonus please remember to use promo code: "SPRINGSALE" to get an additional 25% off my entire Etsy shop inculding these new texture tiles until May 31st!



    Happy Carving!



    Introducing new "Waves" art relief model series for your CNC machine now available on Etsy

    The creativity never stops around here! Not only are we taking all your custom CNC model requests 24hours a day, but we also try to squeeze in some creative down time around the office too.  "Waves" is one of those organic new series of art relief models created in ArtCAM featuring abstract landscapes of soft smooth Z modulation waves. I'm offering 5 various model designs at $20/each or find all 5 as a package deal for $80. Not a bad price to fill your house with abstract art created by your very own hands (and machine)!

    All 5 panels are 25" x 19" x .75"Z thick pre-framed models and come in STL, RLF and BMP files. If you need a custom size and are limited by your 3D software's editing features EMAIL US and we can help you customize your purchase!

    Carve one out today and give it a personal finishing touch! Make sure to send in your results and be featured in our upcoming newsletters!

    All models are now available on our new Etsy store, check it out:

    Happy carving gang,
    stay creative! 



    New Easter Basket Bunny relief model available from PLA3D's Corner

    My Easter Basket Bunny sketch has been turned into a relief model and available for purchase at PLA3D's Corner for only $15. Combine it with my FREE MODEL and you've got yourself a unique and original design for your upcoming CNC Easter sign carving project!



    Happy Carving and Happy Easter everyone,



    It's bunny time.. Easter sketches for upcoming CNC relief model release

    Had to take a creative day and break from custom orders. Working on some new Easter models coming soon to PLA3D's Corner! And maybe I'll leave a few eggs on the FREE MODEL page ;)

    Happy Carving!